1969 - Orange Agency

Being able to perform well on stage ensures longevity of record sales

Cliff Cooper – Founder & CEO

By forming the Orange Agency, my plan was to string together the other music-related activities we had already started. There were some vacant premises above the Orange Shop at 4 New Compton Street, so I acquired an existing agency run by Bob Anderson and Bob Hurd and we moved them in above the shop. They immediately started booking bands and artists into venues up and down the country.

Joe Cocker

The business grew rapidly, and before long we were booking tours. We booked Joe Cocker into The Pheasantry club in London’s Kings Road, Chelsea, and as a result we became sole booking agents for that club. We also booked groups into the Speakeasy, The Marquee Club and other famous London venues. We flew in huge acts from America and toured them throughout Europe. These were very exciting times for us.