Critics Choice

"If you’re looking for a portable Bluetooth speaker that puts natural-sounding analog audio at the forefront, then you’ll enjoy the Orange Box."

"So does it rock? Such things can be quite subjective, but from my very first listen to packing it back in the box for return, I was taken aback by the awesome performance both indoors and out. Orange is definitely a very, very late player in the wireless speaker game, but I'd say that it was worth the wait."

"Move over, Marshall – there’s a new amp company muscling its way into the Bluetooth speaker market. "

"Powerful and articulate, the Orange Box is not your average Bluetooth speaker. With a sound quality that even non-musicians can appreciate, this hybrid of solid-state amplifier and compact Bluetooth speaker stands out for more than just its vibrant look."

"If you want a tiny facsimile of a musician’s cherished amplification, one that does justice to its maker’s heritage, Orange could be the only fruit."

"Build quality is well up to snuff, and the trademark bright orange ‘tolex’ fabric is expertly applied."

"It connects perfectly to bluetooth, is very cool to look at and it does fill the room with sound."

"The Orange Box isn’t just an eye-catching colour, its design is a brilliant facsimile of the guitar amps that Orange is known for. It’s a look that’s very easy to love."

"As throwback speakers go, the Orange Box is as fun to look at as it is to listen to. It goes all-in on retro styling, and the analogue amplifiers subtly set it apart from the competition. You’ll look the part at music festivals and it’ll fit right in at home too."

"With the fresh, lively sound, not only electric guitar music with expressive vocals sounds like the live recordings for this weight class very dynamic, broadband and differentiated. The rich, precise and yet quite powerful bass reproduction and the clear, lively highs also bring hip hop, house and other electronic music to life."

"Orange Amps made their first set of bluetooth speakers and I gotta say, they kinda crushed it."

"The Orange Box has absolutely top of the line audio quality that stays true to its renowned hippy guitar amp heritage."

"It’s not just a speaker; it’s a statement piece, blending Orange’s legendary style with rock ‘n’ roll attitude."