1998 - The Ad Series is Launched

Damon Waller – Former Managing Director

We made the AD30 head without reverb, the AD30R 2×12 combo with reverb, and the AD15 combo with a 10” or a 12” speaker [AD 15/10 and AD 15/12]. We then made a twin channel – the AD30HTC. It was great news for us when Jimmy Page chose the AD30 single channel heads for a tour he did with the Black Crowes, and Jimmy still uses them.

The AD30 head

The AD30HTC introduced in 2001

Ex-Fleetwood Mac guitarist, Jeremy Spencer’s choice was the AD15, and Jeremy actually phoned Cliff to say how good the AD15 combo was for his style of blues playing.

Then in 1999, the AD15 won the ‘Editors’ Pick Award’ from the US Guitar Player magazine. Orange was the first British company in that category to do this, and the achievement helped to launch the AD15 worldwide. The AD series saw the Orange brand re-established right back at the top.

The AD15 combo – this range of combos won the Guitar Player Editors‘ Pick Award in 1999