2006 - The Tiny Terror

Over 10,000 Tiny Terrors were sold in the very first year of production. It has become the guitarists’ ‘must have’ and a studio industry standard.

Ade Emsley – Technical Director

The concept of the Tiny Terror is an amp you can carry anywhere. You turn up to play at a gig and there are three bands playing. You turn up with your Tiny Terror in its gig bag and your guitar. Before the gig you’ve sorted out the use of a mate’s 4×12 in one of the other bands. Plug in with the volume on ten and the gain on about six and suddenly you’re into 1980s AC/DC territory.

Check out the band’s ‘Let There Be Rock’ video and you’ll see Angus playing an Orange Pics Only. The way we’ve used the tubes means that the Tiny Terror has a unique channel with only three controls – gain, volume and tone. But it gives you everything from clean to pretty ridiculous…. but still very much Orange in its mid-range punch. Plus there’s the 7 watt switch to give even more choice and studio versatility.

The original and still the best

Damon Waller – Former MD

After the Rockerverb and Rocker 30 we had lots of guitarists saying how much they loved the AD15 and why don’t we make another 15 watt amp. We thought there was no point in going backwards so we came up with the concept of the Tiny Terror. Instead of doing another combo we made a small, portable head. Although we decided to aim for a lower price bracket, in no way did this mean that we were going to compromise on quality. So we had the idea of a small head, but lose the bulky amp sleeve which adds cost and weight to the product. Instead, we would supply a quality padded gig bag tailored to fit the amplifier. So that’s how the concept came together. Worldwide sales were way ahead of even our best projections during the first year of its launch.

Gig Bag