2008 - Crush Pix

Crush PiX combos now also featured the legendary Orange hieroglyphs

2008-9 saw the introduction of FOUR new Crush PIX guitar models: the 35 watt CR35LDX, the CR20LDX, the CR20L, and the CR12L. They were the same size respectively as the original CRUSH series CR30R, CR15 and CR10, but had extra output. All except the CR12L featured an Auxiliary Input for MP3/CD. The DX models also featured a built-in guitar tuner and 16 Digital FX Programs, giving a wide range of reverb, delay, chorus, flanger and vibrato presets.

Crush 35LDX

Crush 35LDX


Plus, there were three CRUSH PIX bass models – the CR25BX and the CR50BXT  – which respectively were the same size as the original CRUSH CR20B and CR35B, but with extra output. Thirdly, the 100 watt CR100BXT [not shown] featured a 15” loudspeaker. All three bass combos feature an Auxiliary Input for MP3/CD, and the CR50BXT and CR100BXT had a built-in guitar tuner.

Crush Pix 50BXT

Crush 50 BXT Top