2011 - Orange Global

In 2009 Orange moved their headquarters to a much larger facility and office complex in the UK located in Borehamwood in Hertfordshire.

It is the home of the Orange Custom Shop where we pioneered and developed the Tiny Terror amplifiers and Isobaric bass cabinet design. There is a separate department dedicated to transformer design and the study of wave forms and sound propagation. The OPC musicians personal computer was also developed here and researched through to production.

The shift of some production to mainland China in 2006 proved to be the right move for Orange; a fact that was highlighted by the incredible success of the Crush and Tiny Terror ranges. It showed that with strict quality control and good product management, solid state and valve amplifiers can be manufactured in China with stunning build results.

In the latter part of 2010 Orange made a major investment and purchased a superb new office complex and manufacturing facility in Jiashan, County Zhejiang Province near Shanghai. Apart from our regular management team visits, many of our international staff are multi-lingual and keep in touch through instant messaging and video conference calls.


ORANGE USA has grown into a major company over the last ten years and plays a crucial role in Orange’s global business operations. Some fine quality Orange products are now also manufactured in the US and we have a team of bright young people dedicated to taking the company forward.

From left: Mr Lim, Cliff Cooper, Damon Waller and Luke Zollinger celebrate the opening of the China office complex and manufacturing facility, October 2010