• Crest Edition MKII
  • Crest Edition MKII
  • Crest Edition MKII
  • Crest Edition MKII
  • Crest Edition MKII
  • Crest Edition MKII
  • Crest Edition MKII
  • Crest Edition MKII
  • Crest Edition MKII
  • Crest Edition MKII
  • Crest Edition MKII

Crest Edition MKII

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We took your feedback and made our most comfortable and versatile headphones yet. Features include up to 40 hours’ run time, foldable design, on-headphone audio control, optional wired audio cable and discrete, built-in microphone for video/phone calls, along with support for Google Assistant & Apple Siri.
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  • Over-ear
  • Metal/rubber coated plastic body
  • Foldable Design

Driver size

  • 40mm


126 DB (1 KHZ 0.5 VRMS)


  • 16 OHMS

Frequency response

  • 20 HZ – 20 KHZ


  • 256 g / 0.56 lb


  • Wireless Bluetooth and wired with smartphone compatibility


  • Audio Codecs: AAC, SBC
  • Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth 5.0
  • Bluetooth Profiles: HFP, AVRCP, A2DP, DI, HSP
  • A2DP multipoint support: 2 A2DP sources

Included Extras

  • 1 x spare audio cable
  • 1 x hard padded carry case
  • 1 x USB charging cable


  • Up to 40 hours play time
  • 680 mAh

Studio Monitors with Flavour

We’ve taken the flat EQ of top studio monitors and made careful adjustments to the whole audio spectrum, maximising these new 40mm Voice of the World drivers. They give richer, nuanced bass response and ensure good separation between instruments. You’ll hear what the producer intended without muddy, exaggerated bass frequencies or crunched treble, resulting in a highly dynamic and full listening experience.

For the Studio and on the go

Included is a case to protect your headphones and we’ve used a foldable metal hinge design allowing these to take up less space when you’re travelling.

  • Comfortable fit

    The soft over-ear cushions are so comfortable you’ll hardly notice they’re on your head. designed to be large enough to create a cocoon for your ears, isolating them from surrounding noises, allowing to enjoy your music uninterrupted.

  • Wireless

    The Crest headphones come with Bluetooth technology allowing you to quickly connect to any of your Bluetooth devices wirelessly. With up to 40 hours playtime you’ll rarely need to use the cable.

  • Fitting

    The Crest headphones come have an adjustable head band to fit any head size. They head band can also be folded on each side allowing them to fit neatly in a bag or large pocket.

Seamless Touch Pad

We’ve added a touchpad to the side of the headphone. Swipe skip to the next song, change volume or tap to play/pause. Double-tapplayon the headphone touchpad to access Apple Siri/Google Assistant via the built-in microphone.

Multipoint Pairing

With multipoint pairing you don’t need to re-pair your devices when you move between them. Listen to music on your laptop and your headphones will automatically switch to your phone should you receive a phone call.


If your questions isn't answered below, please contact us.

Maybe the Crest MkII is out of power. Try charging them for more than 30 minutes and if there is still no light flashing. Maybe there is something wrong with the battery.

  1.  Misoperation. The Crest MkII is on, but still does not enter the status of being searched. Please note that only when the red and blue lights flash can it be searched for. 
  2. If the red and blue lights flash,but the device can’t search for it yet, you can try as follows: (1) Turn off the device's Bluetooth, reboot, and search again; (2) Restart the device and search again.

If you can search for the Orange Crest MkII in your phone but can’t connect to them. Firstly, you should exclude that the headset had been paired with another device before. (Please note if the Crest MkII has been paired with another device and this device does not turn off its Bluetooth. The Crest MkII would pair with this device automatically) You need to turn off the device’s bluetooth or delete the device records, restart it and reboot the Crest MkII pairing mode so that it can be searched and paired.

  1. Try to input "0000".
  2. Maybe there is something wrong with the Bluetooth data in your device. You need to delete the device connected records, restart it and reboot the Crest MkII pairing mode so that it can be searched and paired.

  1. Device or Crest MkII is low on power, please charge them fully. 
  2. The distance between the device and Crest MkII is too far (within 10 metres) or there is obstruction resulting in an unstable signal, such as WIFI and so on. In this situation, please reboot the Crest MkII, fully charge them and try it again anywhere without signal interference. 
  3. Clear all the devices paired before. Turn off the Bluetooth of the device. Try to reboot and reconnect.

Low battery of Crest MkII could lead to sound delay.

Yes, it can be connected to any Bluetooth-enabled device.

  1. Try to adjust the wearing angle and the depth of the Crest MkII. 
  2. Everyone has different head sizes and ear shapes. We have tried our best but still might not meet everyone’s requirements. If the headset does not fit comfortably, please feel free to contact us.