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  • 2018 - Reflecting on 50 Years

    2018 - Reflecting on 50 Years

    Martin Celmins – Author of The Book of Orange 50th Anniversary Crest Looking back through the pages of The Book of Orange and Building the Brand, and recalling the many hours of interviews with Cliff Cooper that have provided that...

  • 2011 - The Orange OPC

    2011 - The Orange OPC

    The OPC was a computer designed and built for a specific purpose: just as you have PC’s for gamers – the OPC was a computer made for musicians by musicians. OPC 2011 Charlie Cooper – Marketing Director I’ve always been...

  • 2011 - Orange Global

    2011 - Orange Global

    ORANGE UKIn 2009 Orange moved their headquarters to a much larger facility and office complex in the UK located in Borehamwood in Hertfordshire. It is the home of the Orange Custom Shop where we pioneered and developed the Tiny Terror...

  • 2010 - Rockerverb MK11

    2010 - Rockerverb MK11

    Ade Emsley – Technical Director When the original Rockerverb was introduced in 2003, everyone really liked the Dirty Channel – especially its mid-range crunch – so we kept it the same for the Rockerverb MK II, which was available as...

  • 2010 - TH30

    2010 - TH30

    Ade Emsley – Technical Director The TH30 replaced the Rocker 30 and is also available as a 1×12 combo. TH30 Head With the TH30 we took the old Clean Channel from the original Rockerverb and re-voiced it slightly for the...

  • 2009 - Smart Power

    2009 - Smart Power

    Isobaric Bass Speaker Technology – pioneered by Orange The 2009 ‘Smart Power’ Bass Cabinet range continued the kind of cutting-edge bass cabinet design which began back in 1970 with the Parabola/Reflex 2×15. This bass cabinet was way ahead of its...